What is Content Marketing?

In marketing, there are many techniques that you can employ to improve the chances of people finding your products, but throughout the history of marketing, content marketing has been used to encourage people to choose one product over another.

If we take a look at food products, like sponge cake; the theory would be that with two products which are essentially the same, the one which seeks to provide the buyer with more, useful, information (such as recipes) is likely to be the preferred product.

What is its role in internet marketing?

Internet marketing has evolved quickly over the last decade, but one of the overriding trends has been getting involved in content marketing. This technique can be used to create authority, thereby developing your brand and making your website a more desirable destination. This can translate into greater recognition on websites, meaning more links and more referrals, which can translate into better rankings on search engines. It is the single most valuable thing that most businesses can do to improve the effectiveness of their internet marketing.