Many people often decide between pay per click and SEO but the truth is you should be doing both. Most small businesses will agree that they do not appear as often as they would like in the top search results, but there is stiff competition out there, and pay per click will ensure your businesses make the front page.

Relevancy is key to success on search engines and you have to make sure your content is relevant for your audience, using relevant key phrases when you can. Pay Per Click requires a good amount of spend if you want to make the top positions, but it could make you a good return, but there is skill involved in both.

If you’re unsure of what’s required to succeed with SEO or PPC then there are agencies out there who can help you. They may not be able to guarantee you results, and it’s likely to take time, but they can advise you and use their experience to make sure your business is doing all you can with the money you have to acquire a substantial return.