Redesigning Your Social Media Pages

No one can deny the use of social media in marketing and advertising. According to a study by CeBIT, 74% of consumers rely on social media before they buy products.

You don’t just have to be active on social media nowadays, but you should constantly consider presenting your brand a way that appeals to your target audience. The company profile, cover page and background images act like hoarding space for companies to communicate their brand. With increased visits, redesigning your social media pages could be a regular activity.

Showcase your products, branding and community. It is always recommended to consistently update the imagery to attract the attention of the target audience. Keep the designs unified across all social media platforms. The overall look and feel should be consistent. Use more images than text. Human minds can process images much faster than text. In fact Facebook had a rule that your cover page should not have more than 20% text. No harm keeping this in mind while designing the cover image.