Mobile Optimisation – An Important Part of Online Marketing

Many businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of ‘mobile-friendliness’, but why’s it so important to marketers?

Well, the fact of the matter is many people buy products and services online (we all know this), and if the information cannot be found and easily viewed on a mobile device, it could be inadequate. Emails should be formatted so they’re easy to read on a mobile, while adverts, websites, and information on social media pages should be mobile friendly too, because if it isn’t you could be falling behind.

Every business owner should be regularly checking their acquisition statistics to see how many people visit their advertising campaigns on mobiles, tablets and desktop computers. The more you know on your potential customers, the better. If you want to make a push on mobile, then make sure your campaigns are optimised for smartphones, otherwise you may find your promotions are not actually that effective.