Improving Site Structure

One of the biggest factors in building a successful website is the overall structure of your website. When you talk to a website design or marketing agency, one of the services they should immediately provide is a review of your site structure, as it can have as much of an impact on its success as the design and branding of it, if not more.

A review of your website structure should look at the internal linking structure and at the meta title and description of each page. If everything is well optimised, then you will receive massive benefits both from visitors to your website and from the bots that search engines use to crawl your website.

To optimise the site structure of your website, you first need to understand a few key principles of web marketing. With a website, you need to be able to achieve high exposure (with high numbers of visitors), without sacrificing any ability to convert those visitors into real customers. For this, the website needs to be attractive to both people and bots. This will give you listings on search engines, which will bring in visitors, who then get turned into customers. An ideal site structure will allow for quick, informed navigation for both visitors and bots, so that they can immediately go to where the thing they’re interested in.

Besides these very basic points, there is a lot more work which can be put into improving site structure, and many more things which you need to understand to be able to do them. Your best option is to find a great web marketing firm to help you with this, as trying to accomplish it all by yourself is very difficult.