How to Use Social Media Analytics

Are you new to social media analytics and wonder how they can help you? Analytics are an excellent tool for businesses to track what online content is working and what isn’t. By understanding analytics, you will be able to pin-point the types of content that you should be creating to reach your target audience.

What Analytics Can Show You

• Spot trends relating to your brand and offerings
• Understand what is being said about your brand
• Gauge customer sentiment towards products and services
• Figuring out the who, what and when in regards to interaction with your content, by users
• Track your competitors and what is and is not working for them
• Map how third-party partners and channels affect your performance

You can use these insights to help cater your social media content and make tactical adjustments to your marketing strategy. Using this for your brainstorming and content planning will help improve your reach. It can also help with product development, customer experience, branding, operational efficiency and aid competitive analysis.

*Tip: when making improvements or changes to content, you should approach it scientifically and test only one change at a time and then give the data time to build, in order to accurately see how that change affected results.