How Consistency Helps Build Your Brand

Having fresh and trendy content will definitely help grow your brand but an important aspect to content creation is brand consistency. There are certain aspects of your content that should remain the same to help build trust with your customers or future customers.

Five Tips in Consistency

1. Have a consistent ‘voice’ to your content. You should maintain the same ‘tone’ throughout the way your content and responses to users is written. Including keywords here and there is also essential.

2. Visual content that is produced needs to be branded with your logo. It needs to be easily identifiable that this content belongs to your brand.

3. Keep visuals, colours and fonts consistent. Choose what type of visuals will represent your brand and stick to them. Strategically use colours that are associated with your brand and logo.

4. When sharing content created by others, ensure that it is relevant to your brand, service or products. When looking at your content, people do not want to see things that are completely off-topic from what you represent.

5. Have a consistent content schedule that will ensure people keep coming back and know when to expect new content.