Gaining organic followers verses paid Ads on Facebook

Facebook is a popular social media platform, and with the right business marketing strategies, it can provide a fantastic base for driving customers to your website. Creating a Facebook business page is essential for any new company, however, it is important that you are able to market the page well, by growing followers.

Facebook followers can occur naturally, known as ‘organic followers’. Organic followers have found your page through key words specific to your business, however, this type of following can be quite slow and at times non-existent. Another option is to use paid Facebook Ads to bring likes or followers to your page. These types of Ads can be targeted, meaning you can be specific to who you want to follow your business page.

Facebook business pages are a great way to show your business is active and also provides a platform for customer engagement. Facebook Ads can benefit your business by increasing your brand’s exposure and bring leads to your website.