Behavioural Targeting and Persona Production

Behavioural targeting is something that’s said to improve visitor experience but also benefit the company that’s advertising their products/services. Behavioural targeting involves a system creating various personas, and they then choose what content to display to a certain persona.

This in simple terms means that if you’re in to sports, you’re likely to be provided with online adverts relating to sports products, perhaps sportswear, equipment and tickets. There are many websites today that use behavioural retargeting and it has proved effective for many businesses, but at times the web analytics can fail miserably.

Many different people can use one computer, and one persona may be made automatically for two or three people, perhaps if there is one single home computer, and that means that the advertising content is going to be irrelevant 2 out of 3 times. It’s a form of advertising that’s constantly being talked about, but it must be taken seriously by companies because it can be very effective.