Areas of Focus for 2015 SEO Success

Do you have a website that is not performing well on search engines? If this answer is a straight yes, the best solution is search engine optimization. SEO is a form of internet marketing that focuses on helping your website get organic traffic from the major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. In this process, the specialist focuses on researching keywords that are relevant to your industry and harmonise them with your content. Keyword research is a very crucial part in any SEO and this is mainly because all searches are performed with certain keywords. Other than keyword optimization, there are other factors that contribute to quality overall SEO. The main focus on SEO in 2015 includes;


Content is the most important factor in the success of any SEO campaign. With the current search engine algorithms advancing, website owners are required to have the most quality and unique content as possible. This will ensure that algorithm engines such as Google Panda or Penguin do not spit out your website. The first step to ensuring that your content is search engine friendly is to write new content for your website that is plagiarised. This is the first step the providers of SEO services in Northampton will consider.

Keyword Research

All searches involve keywords and therefore research on the best keywords should be done thoroughly. Keyword research involves various aspects. One, keyword research is done on the niche of your products, business or industry. Once keywords have been chosen, your SEO specialist will then look at the competitiveness of those keywords in the market. Using tools such as Google Adwords, your specialist will be in a position to determine which keywords are faring well on searches and which ones are not doing well. This will result in sorting of the keywords to come up with the most quality phrases for your set. With the right keywords, the specialist will then embed and harmonize them with your content through on-page SEO and also use them in both the title and description tags of your website.

Social Media

Social media may be used to communicate to our friends and share our daily events, but did you know it can also help grow your online reach. By allowing your followers to share your services and products, your services end-up getting the authenticity grip from the search algorithms. Most of the SEO services in Northampton offer social media marketing. This will ensure that your products will reach a bigger and broader potential audience creating a direct and positive effect to your search engine optimization.

Why is SEO important?

SEO has countless benefits both to your brand and to your financial gains. With organic traffic to your website, you will end up having a higher return on investment (RIO) made on marketing than with other forms of internet marketing that are expensive. Your brand will also get exposed to the right audience since traffic is search oriented hence eliminating the attrition rates of your website. With your click-through rates increasing, this will in return get converted to direct sales or future sales.