2 Increasing Marketing Trends In 2015

Marketing is rapidly changing in 2015. Influenced by new technologies and a new kind of consumer. The elusive, quick minded consumer.

The new technology is the increasing use of smart phones, apps and tablets. It is rare that a household does not make use of one of these. The way companies sell their products  will make the use of this technology, it is the best way to gain the attention of the aforementioned ‘quick minded consumer’.

We live in a age of high stimulus. We are constantly feeding ourselves with information and we are doing this predominately in quick bursts. Short movies, apps, games, viral ads, vines, the common theme around all of these is that they are short, easy to watch and easy to watch a lot of.

This is the way the quick minded consumer of 2015 takes in their information.  It will be a growing trend that successful marketers will be sure to make use of in 2015.